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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Brother Ed ensures Labour will be out of power for a generation

After the drama of the Labour leadership election
with it's mix of fratricide and false modesty the Labour party will have to come to terms with the fact that their new leader is totally unelectable.
Not only does he look like one of the chickens out of the Aardman animated Chicken Run but the Labour Party also share the collective self delusion of the characters in the film in thinking that they won't be slaughtered at the hands of the evil couple who run the farm. To win elections you need to win over Middle England and Middle England don't do

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday, 8 August 2010

There can only be one winner...The Tories

The total disconnect between these five candidates and the electorate at large could mean that the Labour party could be out of power for a generation . As luck would have it the timing couldn't be better for a new leader to beat up on this ideologically confused ConDem coalition. However all of the serious candidates above are ideologically ambiguous and lack the break with the past that Labour so desperately needs. For the purposes of serious argument let's discount Diane Abbot (the tokenism of whose election has already disgusted any body with a labour bone in their body). I don't really see how David Miliband can disassociate himself with the biggest stain on New Labour's record: namely the Iraq War. He was also the foreign secretary that kept silent during the Gaza massacre. The other candidates are all to some extent also tainted with that failed policy and provide a continuation of the Blair/Brown antagonism that put personal animosity before rational decision making. What all these candidates lack is Blair's ability to appeal to the mass electorate. It is ironic that their downfall will be that they are all essentially Blairites.
Probable winner: Ed Miliband who has stolen a march on his brother and seems much more approachable
Best candidate for Labour's chances of re-election: Probably Andy Burnham. People know so little about him that he can pull off the best 'fake break' from the past that the others are so desperately trying to achieve. He also may be onto something when he goes on about the Labour party needing a leader who is not from the Metropolitan elite.

Monday, 10 May 2010

David Miliband feels the unelected hand of destiny upon his shoulder

If the outgoing Prime Minister had a problem with his smile  then the next the leader suffers no such malaise. His problem to date has been the inability to hide his fiendish smirk every time Gordon Brown's Premiership
was threatened. In fact given the number of times the PM's authority was challenged, the cumulative smirks  have nicely measured out into a full blown Tony Blair Grin. A Blairite to the core he will meet resistance by the Brown camp most notably in the shape of Ed Balls. Don't forget that by his calculated announcement that he is to stand down, Brown has bought himself another four months in which to 'tie up loose ends'.Miliband's less than enthusiastic backing of  Gordon Brown has made him plenty of enemies in the Brown camp.
  At the heart of the new Leadership campaign will be three Labour power couples. Yvette cooper and her husband Ed Balls,Harriet Harman and her trade unionist husband Jack Dromey MP and of course the Miliband brothers.
 Who will prevail? Well Ed balls and Yvette Cooper are severely handicapped by their closeness to Brown.
David Miliband has for long been considered the 'natural heir' and it is hard to see his brother standing against him. He is also odds on favourite at most of the bookmakers. However given the fact that Harriet Harman has tonight categorically ruled herself out on Newsnight in the now age old tradition at 10/1 she may be worth a punt. She comes across as a Labour Thatcher and her union connections may be seen as an asset
at a time when  strikes are very much on the cards.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Are The Miliband Brothers Plotting against Brown?

Surely You don't take the most popular character on tv and  photoshop the leader of the opposition's
face on to it. Well, if your aim is to depose your boss then maybe you can understand the logic.
This Miliband & Miliband production was supposedly guided by the Saatchi brothers. Are they still working for the Tories? The broader point is that Labour's PR Team has been absolutely
abysmal and it is indicative of a deep apathy on the part of grass root Labour activists that something like this
gets to the billboard stage unchallenged. Even the Guardians 'step outside posh boy' poster hoax was much better.